Welcome to Biz Loan Depot Affiliate Program

We are happy to have you board. Just like everything in life, what you put in is what you are able to get out.

The recipe to being a successful affiliate, is based on your motivation and your willingness to take actions.

We encourage you to attend our weekly Zoom calls and use our facebook group to exchange ideas and learn from other agents.

You have now joined, what are your next steps:

Check the email that you signed up with, make sure you check your spam too. You will receive this same welcome letter with the following:

1.      Your unique website link, which may be as follows: www.bizloandepot.com/#YOURTELEPHONENUMBER, without dashes or brackets, simply your 10 digit telephone number. If you choose another 10 digit number during registration, then us that 10 digit number.

2.      Login information to your back office portal so that you can get marketing materials and see your downline. Downline, meaning anyone that signed up to be an affiliate using your website. You do get a small override on what they earn.  On our website, right bottom in the footer, is a tab called REFERRAL PARTNERS LOGIN, this is where you will click and use your username and password to login.

3.      Please join our facebook groupBIZ LOAN DEPOT REFERRAL PARTNERS | Facebook ( There is a special code in the email for you to use so that you will be accepted in the group.

4.      Zoom Link: Our weekly Zoom Calls are on Saturdays at 11:00 am eastern. The link to join the Zoom calls are listed in our facebook group. So please go there to find the link.

5.      Zoom Calls on Sundays: Sometimes we do have another Zoom Calls on Sundays at 9:00 PM eastern. Please monitor our facebook to find out when those Zoom Calls are taking place.

6.      Referral Partners Resource Center: We have a Referral Partner Resource Center which can be found on the bottom right of our website’s footer. In the Referral Partners Resource Center, you will find FAQ’s and marketing and advertising materials that is approved by Biz Loan Depot for use. We also have sample Business Cards and Drop Cards. You can Edit these marketing materials with your name, website address and telephone. No other text is allowed to be changed. Maybe you choose to list only your website address on your marketing materials, that is fines too.


You are now in business.

You can start marketing and advertising. The secret is getting anyone and everyone to visit your website.

Start spreading the word.

Your goals are to get clients – We do all the talking, selling and you get paid.

How, getting the word out in every means possible – driving people to fill out a form on your website.


REMEMBER THIS: Your website offers very many funding products. Everyone out there is now a potential client. From the simple person that is trying to start a small eCommerce Store to the person that is looking to buy a multi million dollar commercial building. Someone may need credit repair, someone may need a mortgage or someone may want to get into fix and flips. You can help them all by driving them to your website. Once you understand the power of what you have to offer, the faster you will make an impact to the people you know and your motivation to succeed will improve. You must get the word out, that must be your goals.


  • Make some business cards using the samples in the Referral Partners Resource Center and pass them out to everyone you meet. Leave them in places to where people can pick them up.
  • Make drop cards ( use samples in the Referral Partners Resource Center ), go out and visit businesses and give them the cards, ( This is the best marketing technique ). Try to get 10 cards out per day. That will be 300 cards per month.
  • Craigslist Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Alignable
  • Visit your local Chamber of Commerce
  • Have your local banker send you their declines

You ULTIMATE goals must be to join our Business in a Box Program that give you up to 70% of what we earn on a deal. There is where we set up your ad campaign to guarantee that you get traffic. You want to make money on AUTO PILOT, then put the work in and get the results so that you can graduate into our Business in a Box Program

Good Luck – Efforts are always rewarded.

Your Biz Loan Depot Team.