Needs Capital Now - Sell us your future sales! - Get Cash in your account today!

Our Business Cash Advance is NOT for everyone but if it helps you fuel your business, then we are here to help. Here are some reasons businesses turn to us for fast capital:

  1.  Refused a business loan from their bank because of their personal credit.
  2.  Business needs the cash fast and cannot wait on a conventional bank loan process.
  3.  Business is too new to qualify for a business loan.
  4.  A business has outstanding invoices and needs funds to cover payroll fast.
  5.  A business has a tax lien that is hindering them to qualify for a conventional bank loan.
  6.  Business needs to buy inventory fast!
  7.  Business needs to expand or do repairs fast.
  8.  Business is in a PINCH and needs funds fast.
Listed above is just some examples of why businesses turn to EASY ACCESS CAPITAL LLC for funding. Whatever the reason, we can help you get funded TODAY!

Do you Qualify?

– Have you been in Business for at least SIX Months?
– Do you have a minimum of $5000.00 monthly deposit to your Business Bank Account?
– You have a minimum of 500 as a credit score?

If you answered YES, to all three questions, you should apply!

Business Cash Advance up to $2 Million in Hours!

So your business needs cash TODAY!


  • Based on your business monthly deposits.
  • We look at your average monthly sales of the last THREE months and can make an offer to buy up to 110% of your average monthly sales.
  • We normally offer to buy your future sales at 70 cents to 78 cents on the dollar.
  • Since this is a Buy/ Sell Transaction, we can have cash in your account today.
  • Short Term business capital 30 days to 3 years terms.
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Payments.

MCA Consolidations

We can reduce your payments and get you more cash if needed!

Do you have more than TWO Business Cash Advances and needs to consolidate?
We can consolidate your MCA’S, reduce your payments and get you more cash if needed.


– Consolidate your MCA’S into one payment – Lower your payments
– Get Weekly or Monthly payments
– Get more cash if needed



Call us at ( 844 ) 810 – 2810 or email us at [email protected]

Prepare to submit your application?

Here is what we need from you to get you a loan offer within TWO hours!
1. Last THREE months Business Bank Statements ( Save to your computer in PDF File, save as MM/YEAR )
2. Present month to date Business Bank Statement ( Save to your computer in PDF File , save as MTD )
3. Copy of your Drivers License – all owners ( Save to your computer in color as DL )
4. Voided Business Bank Check ( Save to your computer as Voided Check )
5. Download our ADMIN FORM below and fill out COMPLETELY and CLEARLY – All owners MUST fill out a separate ADMIN form.


Successful Applications