The Employee Retention Credit

Get up to $26,000 per W2 Employee - Its a Tax Grant NOT a loan

$26,000 per Employee as a Tax Credit!


First, if your business was affected by a mandated full or partial suspension of business then you automatically qualify for the ERC. This includes any actual closures, as well as restrictions on hours or capacity. It is important to note that this provision may also extend to suppliers of the business. If the facts and circumstances indicate that the business’s operations were/are fully or partially suspended as a result of the inability to obtain critical goods or materials from its suppliers because they were required to suspend operations, then the business may be considered an eligible employer for calendar quarters during which its operations are fully or partially suspended and may be eligible to receive the employee retention credit. Our comprehensive analysis of each client’s situation includes a consideration of all facts and circumstances related to any suppliers.

‍The second way to qualify, is based on a significant reduction in gross receipts. In 2020 your business gross receipts must be down 50% compared to the same quarter of 2019 in order to qualify. In 2021 this requirement is even easier to meet, because you only need a 20% reduction in gross receipts to meet the test.


Please fill out the form below and we will let you know your qualifications and help you get your Employee Tax Credit.
Once we receive this form, a specialist will contact you to work with you throgh gathering of documents and information from you and getting you qualified for your well deserved Employee Retention Credit.


Step One: Fill out Form below to speak with a specialist
Step Two: Tell us about your business and upload all required documents
Step Three: We will prepare your documents and file on your behalf
Step Four: Wait on the IRS to process your claim
Step Five: Get PAID, the IRS will mail you a check

TIME FRAME: Due to backlog at the IRS, most applications are taking THREE months to SIX Months to get PAID out. The approval process is fast, but you actually receiving the check from the IRS can take Three+ Months.